Want Us to Write for You?

If you want a great male/female perspective on your content, then we are both experienced writers who can offer blogging and content creation services or even script and screenplay consultation as a couple writing duo or individually. Jen has over 9 years digital marketing and content marketing experience and Josh has over 2 years blogging and magazine editorial experience. Find out more about our writing duo services below:


Blog Writing

Just get in touch if you want us to write blogs for your website. Whether collaboratively or individually. Jen has over 9 years digital marketing and blogging experience in a huge range of topics, while Josh is able to put a humorous spin on most subjects. 


Experience or Product Reviews

If you have a product or experience you would like us to review as first-time parents or as dog owners, please get in touch. 

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Male / Female Narrative Consultantion

Whether you need some narrative input on a sitcom, play or novel in progress. As a couple writing duo, we are on hand to consult and input from a male / female perspective. 

What Next?

If you are interested to find out more, please just get in touch.