The 28 week itch: preparing to be a dad

On top of the looming fears and anxieties I have about the fact a baby is on route to completely disrupt our lives, Jen is, quite frankly, a bit of a nightmare at the moment. When I am not ducking from her latest mood swings, I am putting my foot in it or making mistakes on things I didn’t even realise were a thing.  Here's my perspective of what’s been going on at 28 weeks. 

First pregnancy challenges I didn’t expect (28 weeks)

After another mid-week evening of clashing moods and misunderstandings at home, I find myself - growing bump and all - wanting to stamp my feet and say ‘why isn’t it all about me!’. I am having a particularly bad day at the moment, well week really. But while I am usually know for being positive-minded and inspiring I thought sod it. Rather than only blogging about the good bits, I wanted to make sure I document what’s happening when things are shit. So other mums and dads can perhaps feel more prepared to overcome for moments like these or less alone when things get tough.

My biological clock & deciding to have a baby

We’ve never been a conventional couple, even though our story meeting at university sounds pretty standard, I had actually returned to university in my 30’s and Josh, while officially a mature student for taking a gap year, was… well, not mature. This age gap meant that making the decision to try for a baby was also not likely to be conventional. So here’s how it went...

A blokes perspective: am I ready to be a dad?

I don’t open up easily, which I guess is because I did that too much in my youth and it always seemed to backfire (youth? Jeez I’m only 26). So, as I enter this new world of blogging I also step into new territory for adult me: kicking off with revealing my innermost thoughts and fears about being a Dad.  This is my journey to  joining the masses of young(ish) males approaching fatherhood.