A parenting blog with a twist

Created by Mum and Dad writing duo, Jen and Josh, think of MUMvDAD as a mummy blog daddy blog hybrid.

Sharing their journey as first time parents and reviewing products and family experiences, Jen and Josh will be writing from very different perspectives.



Life Before Baby

Meet parent bloggers and writers, Jen & Josh

In the red corner: Jen

20934076_10155256322244930_91701188818884661_o (2).jpg
Age: 37 (accidental cougar)
Role: Mum. The Big Stuff. Cooking
Perspective: Fairies & magic dust - Positive, inspirational lady and silly sausage

Jen's in constant denial of her adult status, but packed with the wisdom and bravery of a wise owl. Enthusiastic networker, social butterfly, music lover and accepter of Josh's sarcastic tendencies. Learn more...

In the blue corner: Josh

Age: 26
Role: Dad. The Small Stuff. Cleaning
Perspective: Stormy clouds & Pokemon - realist. dark humorist and playful plonker

Josh seeks solitary bliss but continues to be dragged into society. Sarcastic lover of stuff, gaming, films, music and accepter of Jen's perpetual positivity. Learn more...

Meet the Offspring

Bitches of the House: Roxie & Millie


These two little buttons will always be their first.  Despite Roxie's ailments and Millie's manic playful episodes,  they bring all kinds of joy to their lives everyday.

Roxie was very sad before Jen met Josh and needed a Dad in her world. Even though she hated strangers, she took to Josh immediately and he  swooped her off her feet. Later Roxie became lonely. So, it was time to add another fur baby to the family. Unlike their emotionally challenged Roxie, Millie is all rainbows and unicorns. She loves everyone and is always happy to play. Roxie went blind in Jan 2017 and has had numerous health issues since, they're still breaking the bank with diagnostic tests and hopefully will have some answers soon. 

Mysterious little bean: Coming Soon


Perpetually reluctant to adult, Jen and Josh knew they would never actually be 'ready' for children. It was only when Jen turned 36 the discussion of babies came up and they decided to just go for it.

They did get a positive test in March 2017, but sadly within a week Jen experienced a chemical pregnancy - very early miscarriage. They marched on, or should we say humped on and one year later here they are preparing for their first human baby. Currently little bean is just keeping Mum up most of the night, leading to some random outbursts and making mealtimes a lot more high maintenance. Due 21st May 2018, Jen and Josh can't wait to welcome this little one to the family.


A mummy blog daddy blog hybrid

While Jen and Josh are both great writers, they have very different perspectives on the world, which gives this parenting blog a competitive and double-sided edge. Think of it like a mummy blog and daddy blog hybrid. 

Jen's a positive thinker and always looking for the best in people. Her writing is inspirational, upbeat and entertaining in a silly way - she wants to heal the world and make everyone smile. Josh? Well, he is a little more skeptical and cautious about pretty much everything. While sometimes Jen's positivity does rub off, most of the time Josh sees the worst possible outcome, revels in darker corners with his humour and just says it how it really is. Their 11 year age gap also has a part to play in the disparity, but strangely you will find that Jen is probably higher on the immaturity scale, while Josh prefers routine and stability.  In other words, when baby comes it's much more likely that Jen will be the first out clubbing, while Josh is home attempting to multi-task with baby, dogs and gaming.

Together this Xennial and Millennial pair are the perfect writing duo offering two different viewpoints on their story as first time parents, but also honest reviews from different perspectives. 

Product Reviews / Sponsored Posts

Jen and Josh are happy to review any items or products relevant to the family or host competitions and giveaways. They are also freelance writers available as a duo or individually for blogging and content creation. Just get in touch or find out more about their writing services