All in Dad

The 28 week itch: preparing to be a dad

On top of the looming fears and anxieties I have about the fact a baby is on route to completely disrupt our lives, Jen is, quite frankly, a bit of a nightmare at the moment. When I am not ducking from her latest mood swings, I am putting my foot in it or making mistakes on things I didn’t even realise were a thing.  Here's my perspective of what’s been going on at 28 weeks. 

A blokes perspective: am I ready to be a dad?

I don’t open up easily, which I guess is because I did that too much in my youth and it always seemed to backfire (youth? Jeez I’m only 26). So, as I enter this new world of blogging I also step into new territory for adult me: kicking off with revealing my innermost thoughts and fears about being a Dad.  This is my journey to  joining the masses of young(ish) males approaching fatherhood.